Group Departments

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Group Departments

LVTH GROUP has 6 main departments, enabling its client base to enjoy rich and integrated solutions in its engineering and QA sectors:

Events and Construction

  • Mass gathering safety
  • Construction tests of temporary structures
  • Consultation on accessibility matters in mass gatherings
  • Risk survey
  • Electricity inspector
  • Gas inspector service
  • Food consultant service
  • Safety commissioner’s presence
  • Safety consultant’s presence during the event
  • Feasibility test for holding an event
  • Permanent license for holding events
  • Statistical calculations for temporary structures
  • Annual construction test
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Building and Fire Safety

  • Planning building safety systems
  • Fire safety planning for renovation work
  • Preparing a site file for buildings and complexes
  • Facility file
  • Integration testing of emergency systems
  • Preparing an operation regime for emergency systems
  • Thermal scan of electricity panels
  • Inspection of portable electric equipment
  • Guidance for fire reports
  • Computer simulation of smoke products (CFD)
  • Safety planning in open areas
  • Police safety opinion
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Control and Quality Assurance

  • Executing quality assurance on behalf of the client.
  • Quality control for executing contractors
  • Executing quality control for all types of casts
  • Approval of quality control plans and work procedures, quality training, quality meetings, quality audits
  • Building quality management systems pursuant to the requirements of ISO 9001
  • Building environmental quality management systems pursuant to the requirements of ISO 14001
  • Building health and safety management management systems pursuant to the requirements of QHSAS 18001
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Gas & Oil Industry

  • Safety coordination during the design
  • Fabrication and construction phases
  • Recommendations for preventive measures
  • Coordination documents
  • Safety risk analysis
  • Verification and development of health and safety plans
  • Verification of access permits
  • Access controls for designated areas
  • Certificate control for cranes and operators
  • Control of collective protection
  • Supply of external HSE coordinators
  • Guidance/coordination concerning Occupational Health and Safety regulations
  • Regular recording and reporting, focused on non-conformities, corrective/preventative actions and statistical data
  • Israeli certified foreman
  • Safety training courses
  • Audit
  • Asset Integrity Management
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Permits and Licensing

  • Planning for receipt of a building permit
  • Business licensing
  • Form 4
  • Accessibility planning as part of a building permit
  • Accessibility survey for business licensing
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LVTH College

  • Work at height training
  • Correct work at height
  • Special-purpose and general safety training
  • Safety management for foremen and project managers
  • First aid course קורס נאמני בטיחות
  • Safety Officer Course
  • “Proper Instruction” course for safety supervisors
  • Educational institute inspector course
  • Work in confined space training
  • Firefighting training
  • Personal protective equipment training
  • Electricity and work tool safety training
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Work Safety

  • Safety commissioner
  • Preparing an organization plan for a construction site
  • Risk management and risk survey
  • Safety commissioner’s opinion for a construction site
  • Safety in education institutions (dormitories, kindergartens, schools)
  • Periodic building safety survey
  • Construction site safety audit
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